Hi everyone,

Yes, the event was a great success, especially with this event being the first *virtual* sales rally for the AmBank Group.

A million thanks to the production team : Wei Tat, KT, Kheng, Elaine, Sinyik and Khemie for the long and sleepless nights, leading to the wonderful storyboard (Dato loved the ball of energy concept), the visuals, the stage, the lucky draw, the winner slides!

A million thanks to Equonzo : Alex & Zen! Strategically the 2-day plan worked well esp with the it infra challenges. The team building events were definitely well thought off and fits the new normal! Really hope that the momentum will be carried forward to the next 6 months.

Thanks to KT and DJ Chris for making the last 2 days simply amazing and full of energy! All the elements of the event came so well together thanks to the dynamic duo!

Lastly, one million thanks to Ling Ling and Herman, as the event manager, for being the overseeing everything and making sure the event was a grand success!!!!

*Together* *Everyone* *Achieves* *More*

From the ECs
AmBank Group

by The ECs