Dear Ling Ling,

Sorry for taking a while to send this appreciation email.

As you know, since this is our first big event for our company, within the budget given, I want to set the standard of the event as high as possible. This is to prove to the management that the money given to us is using wisely. Thus, I was being very fussy and careful in choosing the event management to ensure that my dream event will come true.

I got to know the Explorer Tourism Network when I was still working with my previous company where I experienced their superb and excellent service during the company trip to Phuket in 2018.

With those mesmerizing memories I had in mind, although the price quoted will somehow put me in a very tight situation, without hesitation I chose ETN as our event management among all other
companies which put the whole event committee member as well as management in quite a bit of shock. I just had one reason; based on my experience working with ETN in the past, I truly believe ETN will be able to deliver what I want.

Then when we started to work with them, then only my whole event committee started to understand why I chose ETN. All the committee was very happy with the friendliness, and the commitment given by the ETN team as a whole during the planning and preparation session for more than half a year. Despite having a very limited budget, the committee was being very fussy with the itinerary, food, hall design, emcee and many more but ETN managed not only meeting but exceeding our expectation.

Thanks to ETN, the event was flawlessly executed and left a very good impression and memory to all employees including management and committee.

Thanks & Best Regards

by Russyazila Binti Ahmad