Thank you very much for the excellent trip arrangement through out our stay in Korea.

It had been a wonderful experience for us despite the rise concern on corona virus pendemic situation, during that time and werent we glad we didnt go to X’ian, China!😅 The tour guide Steve Kim is amazing!👍🏻

The halal place Eid-short ribs was ok. Therefore we decided not to go for dinner the following day at Halal Kitchen as according to Steve the venue of restaurant is near by the Eid restaurant. The area is a bit dodgy-lah!😅

We told Steve we would like to try gulbi /salted grilled fish and he suggested and brought us to this very nice restaurant the following night dinner ( the restaurant name in Korean so cant help you much here)👍🏻Food was authentic/traditional and ambiance were just great. Highly recommend to my friends or we will go back there again should we have future opportunities to revisit Korea with our kids.

All in all it is a wonderful experience. The hotel we stayed in is so convenient too. We get fresh and sweet strawberries just below hotel’s 7-11 and GSmarts! That already made my day as fruits in Korea are just heavenly! And easy access to cafes with great espressos. Love it!💃🏼

by Datin Sapura